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Monday, April 11, 2005
Sons frescos no leitor

Artist: Kaiser Chiefs
Release Date: 2005
Label: Universal
Genre: Post-Punk; Indie Rock


1- Everyday I Love You Less And Less  
2- I Predict A Riot
3- Modern Way
4- Na Na Na Na Na 
5- You Can Have It All
6- Oh My God
7- Born To Be A Dancer
8- Saturday Night
9- What Did I Ever Give You?
10- Time Honoured Tradition
11- Caroline, Yes!
12 - Team Mate

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Artist: Stereophonics
Language. Sex. Violence. Other?
Release Date: 2005
Label: V2
Genre: Alternative Pop/Rock; British Trad Rock


1- Superman   
2- Doorman
3- Brother 
4- Devil  
5- Dakota 
6- Rewind 
7- Pedalpusher 
8- Girl 
9- Lolita
10- Deadhead 
11- Feel
12 -Team Mate

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Artist: Morrissey
Live at Earls Court
Release Date: 2005
Label: Attack/Sanctuary
Genre: Alternative Pop/Rock


1- How Soon Is Now?   
2- First Of The Gang To Die
3- November Spawned A Monster
4- Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice  
5- Big Mouth Strikes Again
6- I Like You

7- Redondo Beach
8- Let Me Kiss You
9- Subway Train / Munich Air Disaster 1958
10- There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
11- More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get,
12- Friday Mourning

13- I Have Forgiven Jesus
14- World Is Full Of Crashing Bores, The
15- Shoplifters Of The World Unite
16- Irish Blood, English Heart
17- You Know I Couldn't Last
18- Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

Artist: Morcheeba
Album: The Antidote
Release Date: 2005
Label: Ainda não editado
Genre: Urban; Club/Dance; Trip-Hop; Electronica


1- Wonders Never Cease   
2- Ten Men
3- Everybody Loves a Looser
4- A Military Cup 
5- Living Hell
6- People Carrier
7- Lighten Up
8- Daylight Robbery
9- Antidote
10- God Bless And Goodbye

Artist:  Kasabian
Release Date: 2004
Label: BMG/RCA
Genre: Britpop; Indie Rock


1- Club Foot
2- Processed Beats
Reason Is Treason
4- I.D. 
5- Orange
6- L.S.F (Lost Souls Forever)
7- Running Battle 
8- Test Transmission
9- Pinhch Roller 
10- Cutt Off
11- Butcher Blues
Ovary Stripe
13- U Boat

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Posted at Monday, April 11, 2005 by Lyricsounds

April 13, 2005   09:37 PM PDT
April 13, 2005   02:35 PM PDT
Ainda ontem lá passei Luana ;)
Espero que as férias tenham sido boas :P

April 12, 2005   01:18 PM PDT
Não é um album por ai além, mas o single é muito orelhudo --» Dakota :P
Lady Xanax
April 12, 2005   09:45 AM PDT
anda produtivo o leitor, só tirava os Stereophonics, dos quais tenho ódio de morte lol, detesto-os!

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